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Hydro Therapy - Underwater Treadmill

Research shows that aquatic therapy, specifically underwater treadmills are a viable alternative to traditional, land-based treadmills. The natural buoyancy in water gently supports joints to encourage unrestricted movement as you work against constant resistance. You are able to burn as many calories, enjoy a significant increase in range of motion and suffer less muscle tension and soreness - all without the detrimental impact of land based exercises.

Patients unable to exercise on land can attain immediate rehabilitation results in the Boca Clinic for Integrative Medicine’s aquatic treadmill. Gait training can be performed much sooner after surgery using an underwater treadmill at low speeds - allowing patients to get back to their normal daily living earlier. Underwater treadmills can also benefit people with arthritis and arthritic conditions and other disorders of the body’s weight-bearing joints; muscular dystrophy; muscle atrophy and injury to the lower extremities.

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